2010-05-31:    Presenting Parsley in London on June 16

Flex on Java Exchange London 2010

I've been invited to present Parsley on Skills Matter's Flex on Java Exchange. The talk will be more on an introductory level and thus more aimed at those just about to start to get familiar with the framework than at those who already used Parsley in big enterprise projects for quite some time now.

It will be a 45 minute presentation alongside 5 other talks all centered around integrating Flex with Java. Since the talk synopsis has not been posted in the agenda yet, I'll provide it here for now:

Building Enteprise Flex Applications with the Parsley Framework

Parsley is an IOC container for Flex, Flash and AIR applications. It has been around for several years now and started to gain wider adoption with the release of version 2 in June 2009. Its feature richness, extensibility and mature support for big and modular applications makes it an attractive choice for enterprise-scale development efforts.

This talk provides a brief overview over the framework's feature set, covering dependency injection, the messaging framework and object lifecycle management. Furthermore it demonstrates some of the features that are particularly important for larger applications. This includes loading and unloading modules alongside their configuration, scoping messaging to individual popups or windows, combining the various configuration mechanisms, using the versatile extenstion points to easily add custom configuration tags and finally writing unit and integration tests for applications based on Parsley.

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