Parsley Core

Spicelib Commands

Spicelib XML-Mapper

Spicelib Reflect

Spicelib Logging

Parsley Popup (Extension)

Parsley Logging Tags (Extension)

Parsley Flash Resources (Extension)

Parsley Pimento Support (Extension)

Legacy Parsley Commands (for using Parsley 2 Dynamic Commands in Parsley 3)

Legacy Task Framework (for using Spicelib 2 Task Framework in Parsley 3)

The download contains all binaries needed to run Parsley and Spicelib
(swc files, including runtime dependencies).


You can find older releases in the Archive.

Source Code Parsley 3 / Spicelib 3

The projects are all hosted on GitHub:

Source Code Parsley 1+2 / Spicelib 1+2

The Subversion Repository for older versions of Parsley or Spicelib is no longer available. For these versions you can obtain the source code from the respective download archives.