Project Info

Pimento is a framework for integrating data management into Rich Internet Applications. It integrates Java web applications built with JPA/Hibernate and Spring with Flex, Flash and AIR clients.

Cinnamon is a remoting framework based on the binary AMF3 protocol connecting clients written in AS3 with Java EE server applications.

Both frameworks can be deployed in any servlet container or Java EE application server. Pimento is built on top of Cinnamon, but Cinnamon can also be used separately if you don't need Pimento's data management capabilities.

All Spicefactory products are no longer actively maintained as the creator has moved on to work with different technologies. The final versions of Pimento and Cinnamon had been released in August 2009.

Pimento features:

Cinnamon features:

Pimento and Cinnamon are Open Source, licensed under the Apache License 2.0.